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How much do bloggers earn per 1000 pageviews?

How much do Bloggers make per 1000 Pageviews?

Are you enquiring about the scope as a Blogger? Can bloggers earn a decent amount of money more than a job? How much do Bloggers make per 1000 Pageviews? How do they earn money from blogs?

Do check out this blog completely to get all your doubts cleared regarding Bloggers and their earnings.

As a whole, bloggers’ earnings depend on two most important factors: Blog Volume and the Total Number of Pageviews they are driving every month to their blogs. If we analyze the earnings of bloggers, it’s around $3 -$30 RPM (Page revenue per 1000 impressions) from ads networks and $10-$2,000 from affiliate marketing, which increases with time, hard work, better monetization networks, and techniques.

What is Passive Income and how do bloggers generate it?

Passive Income is a type of income stream which requires very little effort to maintain. But what the majority of people don’t tell you is that it needs an initial ignition or effort to prepare the product which will eventually build cash flows for you without any effort.

This is one of the best ways of earning and is used by all the rich peoples of the world.

Passive income is a way to make money even while you sleep because here the content works for you.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel and you post a video on it and keep consistent on contest creation.

Then you will start getting a good amount of traffic with time.

This will help you get your video to earn money from ads.

The most important thing here is it acts as a passive income after it is published on youtube.

But the thing is you need to make efforts in creating quality content for your viewers.

Learn more on Passive income from the expert Robert Kiyosaki in his Bestselling book – “Rich Dad Poor Dad” here.

How Much Time it takes to Start Earning from a Blog?

In general, it takes a minimum of 6-8 months for every beginner to start earning from their blog posts.

This is a time, where you have to keep publishing content regularly (I publish a blog every day).

Google Adsense is the easiest and most used platform for blog monetization by beginners.

If you want to increase your blog earnings, then you must go for affiliate marketing which accounts for more than half of the blogger’s earnings.

Affiliate Marketing vs Ads Monetization

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of outsourced marketing program where affiliates earn commissions for driving every customer or visitor to a platform.

Around 84% of Bloggers and other content publishers use affiliate marketing to monetize and grow their site.

This is the magical way that serves all the bloggers to earn money even while sleeping.

If you’re a blogger and haven’t started yet, you need to get into it now.

Because the earlier you start linking your blogs with relevant products for your visitors, the earlier you start earning. Learn more on Blog Promotion.

Which one is more Profitable for Bloggers-Affiliate or Ads?

The clear answer to this question is that affiliate programs have more earning when compared to Ad networks.

Both programs allow you to earn money but you should know why affiliate is a more powerful source of income.

Affiliate Marketing gives you commissions on every successful sales product depending on how costly the product, purchased by the user.

Whereas Google Adsense and Ezoic are platforms that give you earnings based on your keyword’s CPC.

And the bloggers with traffic, less than 50,000 per month on their blog would not get good earnings from ads.

What Should a Beginner Focus on?

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you, just posts blogs between 120-150 blogs on your website in the first 6 months.

This strategy should be applied for every beginner and should keep building internal backlinks for your blogs.

This eventually increases your site’s authority. Hence, enabling Google to give you more traffic and ranking on your posts.

Earnings at Different Stages of a Blog?

Jim Harmer explains bloggers earnings from his 10+ years of blogging experience.

As a general rule, the blog earnings vary with time and pageviews.

Check out the table for average blog earnings at different stages:

Total Pageviews
per month
Ad Networks
(Page Revenue Per 1000 Impressions)
Affiliate Income (expected)Total
Blog Revenue
10KAdsense or Ezoic$5-$15$200-$250$500
100KMediavine, Adthrive, Ezoic, or Adsense$20-$35$1500-$2000$5000
Average blog earnings at different stages by Income School Youtube video.

This table gives you a good knowledge of how niche sites behave at times of different page views.

You can understand that in the blogging industry, time and pageviews are the biggest factor that decides the life of a site.

And this is the reason why many beginners and their sites fail to become a business.

You must invest time and work hard without thinking about income in the first 6-8 months of blogging.

The articles you have written on your website will work as a passive income stream even when you sleep after Google has indexed them.

Passive Income Ideas to earn from a Blog other than ads?

Now, there are other ways except ads showing platforms to earn passive income.

Proven ways for passive income other than ads to increase blog earnings are:

  • Affiliate Programs of differnt products and businesses
  • Youtube videos for blog topics
  • Podcasts for better reach (Anchor)
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Teaching courses
  • Membership community (Patreon, Emails)
  • Sell your blogs ad spaces to brands directly
  • Automating a businesses for reducing work load.

You can try these ways after you have published enough content on your blogs to use your time on other passive income ideas.

Because maintaining a good authority in the eyes of search engines needs a regular publishing strategy.

How Hard is to Maintain a Blog?

As we have discussed above, it takes 6-8 months to see organic traffic and earnings on your website.

In the meantime, you should keep writing blogs regularly.

It could be one blog per day or at least 2-3 blogs per week. You can do various things in these 6 months:

  • Topic Research
  • Writing Content
  • Editing Content
  • Proofreading
  • Sharing and Promotion

It gets very hard for beginners to write regularly at the cost of negligible organic traffic which is not easy.

Due to this, many beginners quit blogging after not getting a correct response and motivation to continue.

I would recommend you to work for providing value to the people by publishing quality content at this stage.

Because this will ensure better ranking and earning from the blog posts after Google indexes your site.

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Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any issues or ideas don’t forget to contact us.