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Is ShortPixel worth it? - article on Biliate

Is ShortPixel Worth It?

Are you planning to have an Image Optimizer which works best for your blogs?

Are you confused with which one being best for you? Is ShortPixel worth it? What are it’s features?

Then, let me introduce you to one of the best and easy to use Image Optimizer plugin on the internet.

If you are looking for a really good Image Optimizer and Compressor Plugin for your website for faster page load time and better SEO performances, then ShortPixel Image Optimizer Plugin is really worth the price and also relatively cheaper than any other plugin on the internet in terms of price and the special features it offers to its users.

Image Optimizer PluginsMonthly PriceYearly Price
ShortPixel Pro (for 55,000 images)$24.99/month$299.90/year
Smush Pro $29/month$290/year
Optimus HQ ProOnly 1-year plan$149/year
EWWW Pro$25/month$250/year
Price Comparision of Top Image Optimizers

Let’s get more knowledge on ShortPixel Plugin and its rich features, which will help you decide whether ShortPixel is worth it or not?

What is ShortPixel Image Optimizer?

ShortPixel is an Image Optimizer that improves website performance by Resizing, Compressing and serving images from CDN.

It supports all formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, Avif, and WebP which is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web.

Image Optimization boosts Page Load Speed and SEO performance on search engines, which overall increases pageviews and better search ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Who should use this Image Optimizer Plugins?

Image Optimizers are for all the people who want to reduce the file size of their images to the minimum without sacrificing the quality of the image so that your page load times become low.

This works best for all the bloggers out there who are writing and uploading tons of images on their blog posts.

As after uploading the relevant images for the blog, the page speed decreases if not optimized and thus affects your SEO rankings.

This will eventually lead Google and other search engines to lower your rank on the SERP as it causes a bad user experience that search engines won’t tolerate at all.

Is ShorPixel Free?

Yes, ShortPixel is a free plugin available at WordPress. Download it for free now.

ShortPixel also has a free plan of 100 credits + 50 bonus credits per month.

It’s very effortless to set up and works well with many other plugins for an overall better-performing site.

This free feature will give you a very low number of Image credits which is not enough for a blog website.

And if you don’t need to buy extra credits for your blog, then why become the Hercules of web images (haha).

But here’s the catch, it also offers one-time credit plans which never expire so you can use them until all of them are exhausted.

Let me give you detailed info on all types of one-time credit plans.

PricingNumber of Image Credits
$9.9910,000 images + 5,000 Image Bonus
$19.9930,000 images + 15,000 Image Bonus
$29.9950,000 images + 25,000 Image Bonus
$59.00100,000 images + 50,000 Image Bonus
$99.00170,000 images + 85,000 Image Bonus
$249.00500,000 images + 250,000 Image Bonus
Pricing for One-time credits on ShortPixel

NOTE: The information we have provided above in the table can be changed in the course of time. Especially, the bonus images offered can change as every company keeps changing their offers to attract users and provide greater value.

There are many other small features that ShortPixel Image optimizer offers its customers which can be very useful if you have at least a little knowledge of image optimization.

Features with ShortPixel

ShortPixel features

Image Quality

Shortpixel optimizes the image in the best way possible without compromising the image quality and preserves the image standards on the user’s demand.

Bulk Image Optimizations

The plugin gives you an option to directly optimize images in bulk and helps you save your time in single optimizations.

Includes CDN

It gives lightning-fast images delivered to the users in different geographical locations of the world.

Convert Images to Web Format

Apart from JPG, PNG, and GIF formats, ShortPixel also generates NextGen image formats of Web and AVIF.

Some people also have problems regarding ShortPixel WebP versions not working on their site.

This is because if the site images are delivered from javascript then it is sometimes not compatible with the browsers and thus doesn’t work.

Automatic Optimization

This is a really cool feature from the plugin, which ensures that every new image is automatically resized/rescaled and optimized on the fly, in the background.

It is also compatible with NextGEN Gallery, Foo gallery, and all other types of galleries and sliders.

ShortPixel Support

If you encounter an issue even after using such an easy-to-use plugin, you can go to contact the company.

You can easily contact ShortPixel with the 24/7 Steller support directly with the developers which will help you solve all your issues regarding ShortPixel.

What is ShortPixel for Android?

ShortPixel App
ShortPixel App
ShortPixel App
ShortPixel App for Android
ShortPixel for Andriod

ShortPixel has launched its brand new app for Android users too.

This app will help you optimize your images/photos on your mobile device and save disk space.

The best thing about this app is that it can optimize your photos up to 80 percent without any visible quality loss which they have confirmed after researching on numerous devices and tests.

Like the Plugin, you can also select the compression methods on your mobile phone too – Lossy, Glossy and Lossless.

This is a really cool app as we can control all our devices from the same API key on our website and mobile devices.

Features of ShortPixel Photo Optimizer for Android

  • Super easy to control image optimization
  • Resize your images as you desire to
  • Store 5x more phtos on your phone without any extra storage
  • Bulk Optimize your selected folders of images
  • Can Compress images with 3 different methods
  • One API key needed for both website and mobile
  • Remove EXIF data
  • Can recover original image from backup

Download the ShortPixel Photos Optimizer App on Android

Google Play Badge

ShortPixel Affiliate Program

ShortPixel Affiliate Program

This Affiliate Program is for all the affiliates who are ready to share the affiliate link on a blog, social media platform, or website.

And once you have registered and gotten the ShortPixel affiliate partner approval, you can easily generate links and track down your income and clicks in the account.

This can also help you pay for your ShortPixel plans. Check out right now.

How much time it takes get approved for ShortPixel Affiliate Program?

In general, it takes less than 24 hours to approve any application for the affiliate program(Our application got approved instantly).

And if you are thinking, how do these affiliate program works, then let me give you clarity on this one.

How ShortPixel Affiliate Program Works?

Like every other affiliate network/platform, you have to first apply for the Affiliate Campaign of the company so that you can get your affiliate links to embed it on your different platforms for earning money from the commissions.

Now, if you have already been working with ShortPixel Image Optimizer you can go and fill the application in your ShortPixel account easily.

And if you just want to go for affiliate marketing of the plugin, then you can directly on the link here and set up your new account.

It works when users click on the affiliate link which you have got from the ShortPixel affiliate account, a cookie gets immediately saved in their browser for a month.

This is hot the affiliate link looks like:


And you get 30 percent of the acquisition (including the recurring income) from every new purchase they have made through your link after signing up on their ShortPixel account (It may be any purchase and you will get 30% of it).


In this article, we have tried to give everything about the topic and all the types of features that will help you decide: Is ShortPixel worth it?

And we wanna tell you that we have used some of the best Image optimizers in the past and aster trying and testing so many Image optimizers, we came to the conclusion that ShortPixel is by far the best for the bloggers because it is almost automated.

And once you have started using the ShortPixel plugin, you don’t need to think about giving your time on Image Optimization for your entire website and can utilize your time in creating the perfect content for people out there on the Internet.

You can check out a detailed comparison of the top 3 image optimizers here as this is probably the best comparison of Image Optimizers on the entire internet and it has taken a lot amount of research and detailed analysis of every aspect of Image Optimizers and Compressors.

Thank you for reading this article as we have to spend a lot of time analyzing and providing the best info on this plugin. Learn more about blog promotion.

It would make our day if you can share it with your blogger and website owner friend so that they can also get to know about the plugin’s features and worth.