7 Best Ways to Automate your Twitter with Hypefury Tool

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Twitter – is known as the 9th most visited website globally, and the 7th most favourite social media platform on the Internet. In 2021, twitter saw 2.4 Billion sessions, out of which 620 million of these are unique ones.

This shows that so many people come back to Twitter repeatedly, every single day. (Source: Hootsuite’s 2022 Digital Trends Report )

And if you, being a creator or an influencer is not utilizing the reach of this platform, then I must say that you’re losing a lot without even knowing about it.

And if you have started the hustle on Twitter or trying to be actively engaging on the famous ‘Bird platform’, then you must have noticed how many big creators tweet and engage on Twitter, regularly.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the most used automation and marketing tool for Twitter used by so many ‘Big Content Creators’ (including me, hahaha) – Hypefury and how can you make the most out of this tool. Because it has a lot of kinds of stuff for you to benefit from, and works as a personal twitter assistant to keep you focused on providing good content and engaging consistently.

DISCLOSURE: This article contains my affiliate link to the tool – Hypefury, which will help you get a 14-day free trial, rather than a 7-day free trial offered generally to new users. In the event of a sale, I will be awarded a small commission (at no extra cost for you).

And I have written about this tool because I have found this tool super helpful (not because I’m asked to write about their product), not only for me as a Twitter user (@RajAyoosh) but also have been recommended by so many big creators to use this tool for making their life easier and would like to help you do the same.

Ayoosh Raj

What is Hypefury?

Hypefury is a Twitter growth tool that works as a complete package to manage your Twitter account from Scheduling tweets to Marketing products.

Simple! I know it is.

And the most fascinating thing about this tool is that you can write/compose any amount of tweets and add them to your upcoming schedule, whenever you want them to be published (Based on your Subscription).

This is one of the things that all the big creators do every week, and save a lot of time focusing on something else, like engagement and product building, rather than writing and posting daily.

Why do you need a tool to manage your Twitter?

To understand why you need this tool, you must be ‘first’ clear with the most basic stuff – who needs such types of management tools like – Hypefury?

If you’re clear with this, then skip this small sub-topic and save your time.

Who needs such Automating Tool for Twitter?

There are millions of users on Twitter but all of them do not generally need such tools. Because there are generally two types of people on any platform – The CREATORS and The CONSUMERS.

Those who are here to ‘Consume’ the content such as news, celebrity tweets (Elon Musk Tweets), SEO, Marketing, Space Industry, and much much more, then they are free to engage here and utilize it on their wishes.

But when it comes to ‘Creators’, then they have to give so much content and time on the platform which is very not easy at all, until you automate and schedule your content.

Lets me describe to you the issues that every single creator experiences as a beginner if you don’t know them.

What creates the need for an Automation Tool?

I have been using this tool since I discovered it after 3 months of being consistently active on Twitter.

I was exhausted most of the time, after tweeting 3-4 times a day and engaging with 20-30 tweets on an average daily (directly through the Twitter app). Tell me, who won’t?

As you know, to grow on any platform, one has to show up consistently. And Twitter, on the other hand, is one of the most fast-paced social media platforms.

Unlike many other platforms, Tweets have the shortest lifespan of any social media post, about 18 minutes (until Twitter features it’s ‘in case you missed it’ feature or someone retweets your tweet or thread).

You can understand it from the reference of Instagram and Facebook, whose posts on average have a lifespan of 19 hours and 30 minutes respectively. (Source: Epipheo Article)

And so you, as a creator, need to post more and more tweets daily. Let’s say 5-10 times a day is not bad, when we compare it with Buffer’s Twitter account, posting 14 times a day, which is not considered spammy but rather a good engagement and marketing strategy.

So now, if you have understood why we need something that can remove the hard work of coming to Twitter and taking let’s say 5 times a day to write the content and tweet it, rather than going for Smart-Work of just writing all your weeks content and schedule it on a minimum of 1-hour break and focus on other essential tasks, then let’s understand why to choose “Hypefury”.

Why Hypefury?

Queue – Hypefury

Now, this is what I didn’t know at the beginning, as I was myself finding a good tool that can reduce my time on Twitter and make it more productive.

So, I analyzed some of the most famous accounts and created a list of what types of tools are used by them. And guess what, Hypefury was one of the most used tools by content creators on Twitter.

(Upcoming – Checkout what are the thoughts on Hypefury by some excellent content creators here)

Now, what I also found out is that everyone does not use a single tool for all the different types of work on Twitter, like Scheduling tweets & threads, marketing products and newsletters, Retweeting, Automated campaigns, and Analytics for Tweets & Campaigns performance, etc.

But Hypefury is one of my favourites because:

  • It serves as a tool that gives maximum benefits to its users, with its awesome features aside from only scheduling tweets and threads.
  • It has one of the best customer service teams called Customer Success Service and has a good feedback mechanism that responds to feedback instantly and so is growing every single day.
  • And, whether you like it or not ( All the features), but it is a full package or better way to say – “A personal twitter assistant for growth and marketing”.

By now, you must have understood the need and reason I’m presenting you with this tool.

So, let’s deep dive and understand what are the ways Hypefury can help you automate your Twitter.

7 Best Ways to Automate your Twitter with Hypefury Tool

1. Scheduling your Tweets (Most Basis Feature):

Hypefury – Scheduling Feature

This is one of the most important features of a Twitter tool and mostly all other features revolve around this one, making it more better and useful.

You’re going to get complete writing & scheduling power on the app, where you can schedule all your posts every week (or even monthly with Recurrent posts).

This helps a lot in saving your time throughout the week on writing as you can complete this in just one day and get free from writing for Twitter, for the entire week (except engagement works).

Isn’t it awesome? So much time saved to work on other kinds of stuff.

After writing each tweet or thread, you can save your content tweets or threads in the ‘Drafts Section’ or you can directly schedule it when your followers or similar niche accounts are most active, to the ‘Queue Section’, where all the upcoming tweets wait for their time to be posted by Hypefury tool.

Now, just keep engaging and check your ‘Analytics section’.

2. Modify tweets based on what’s Trending in your Niche (The Copy-Paste-Modify Formula)

Inspirational Tweets – Create Section – Hypefury

Hypefury has this ‘Inspiration Panel’ in the ‘Create section’ of the app, where you can choose a category or more, and you’ll be presented with some good or trending tweets written by other people, in your niche. This can be helpful to people who struggle with what to write or to remove writer’s block.

These inspiration tweets are already accepted, getting good responses and engagement on Twitter as you can see from the analytics given along with each tweet, and this can help you gain traction too.


So, this is one of the best features which helps to use the “Copy-Paste-Modify” Formula (Just like you see in tik-tok reels, one idea is copied by everyone), which as defined by the name, is of three basic and simple steps to post few tweets a week:

  • Copy the tweet
  • Paste it where you compose your posts (Or just click on the ‘Re-use’ button provided below each tweet)
  • Modify it a little based on your opinion.

And Done! It works well on a single tweet rather than threads as it is easier to modify it and won’t be considered.

3. Categorise Your Tweets and Schedule your upcoming weeks

Recurrent Posts – Hypefury

Now, this is the most powerful and unique feature of scheduling in Hypefury – “Recurrent Posts”.

This feature will allow you to create categories of your niche topics and marketing stuff, write some good posts in each of them, and then the rest is on Hypefury, which smartly takes one tweet from a category and publish it at the same time each week, as you have set each category to publish a post on.

You can see from the image that one can easily select a particular time of a day or more every week when one post will be posted automatically.

This helps in covering all the topics of your niche that you want to discuss and share on the platform for weeks and months. This is surely Dope! Productivity on peaks. 🙂

4. Automate your Retweets for more reach and Marketing

Evergreen Posts – Hypefury

Now, talking about self-retweeting, it again comes to the fast pace of the platform. Any tweet you posted on Twitter has a lifespan of 18 minutes on average as I have mentioned above.

So, all your followers won’t be able to see your post even after you tweeted during the most engaging hours. This is where self-retweets help to gain the attention of the traffic to one of your new or an old good performing post again, by increasing its reach and giving more than one chance to a piece of content, to showcase its ability on Twitter.

This way can be made possible with Hypefury’s two special features:

  • Tweet Booster – This feature can be enabled while composing/creating tweets by switching on the tweet booster button. You can also add the number of hours after publishing you wanna retweet a post. Works great for new posts.
  • Evergreen Posts – This is a sectional feature in Hypefury, which works like a category, where you can add a good performing post, seeing it as evergreen content that people will be in demand for a long time. Works great for old good performing posts.

This way will help you get more visits to your posts and thereby increasing the reach of the content and thereby helping more people with your work. All you have to do is use the two features, rather than doing it manually for every single one of them.

5. Create Email / DM Campaigns for Marketing your Product or Newsletter

Let’s discuss both ways in which you can automate your Marketing and Promotion.

a) Campaign Automations through DMs

So, Hypefury has a Campaigns section for you to create marketing campaigns to use your following or traffic from tweets to convert them to use your free or paid product.

You just need to enable the “Auto DM” feature, for let’s say you’re sharing a notion template or free course with your audience.

And you’ll get the options to set the conditions under which Hypefury will automatically send a DM that you’ve written with the product link in it, rather than manually doing the dumb work yourself.

And That’s it! Automated and perfectly completed by Hypefury DM CRM mechanism.

b) Email/Landing Page Marketing

Talking about marketing your landing page or Email Newsletter to your audience, then it’s even more simple.

Just use the ‘Autoplugs’ feature in the queue section or directly from settings.

Autoplugs in the simplest way are follow-up promotional tweets that help in promoting anything you want after it clears the specific condition you have ordered it to work on.

There are generally two types of conditions to set for Autoplugs:

  • Tweet Specific Autoplugs: Apply to specific tweets to post a marketing tweet, after it crosses a minimum number of likes of engagement.
  • Global Autoplugs: This is based on your selected percentage of tweets to be plugged on automatically. Interesting thing is that you can add more one autoplugs and out of which one will be randomly selected to be posted by this amazing tool.

So, automated marketing check – Done!

6. Engage with Top Accounts that you want to learn from and Interact with them

Engagement Builder – Hypefury

Growing on Twitter is not all about posting and scheduling tweets. It’s also about engaging with other tweets and people.

Engagement can be of many types:

  • Like a post
  • Comment on the post
  • Creating or Participating in Twitter Spaces
  • Quote Retweet or Simple Retweet of a post you like to share with your audience too.

This not also helps you learn new or better ways of doing stuff in your niche but also helps in increasing your reach. When you comment on a tweet especially some big accounts of your niche, you automatically drive the attention of the traffic viewing the same tweet towards you.

This makes people engage with your account by clicking on your profile or tweet.

Works very well! Big accounts engage way more than posting content tweets.

So, what does Hypefury provides in this context?

It’s a section called – “Engagement Builder” which helps you feed around 2-20 of your favourite usernames whose tweets you wanna read and interact with every single day or two. Works in a good way for interacting with selected Twitter accounts, where you can change usernames in its feed setting if you want to interact with other accounts.

Though this Engagement Builder is not the best one, according to my awareness of tools, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s growing every single day, and that’s what I like the most about this tool. (Check out my recommendation on Engagement Builder here)

Hence, Reach increase, Traffic increase, Following the increase, Marketing increase and so, we should also need to check out its integration feature too.

7. Integrate your Gumroad Account and track your sales at the same time.

Integrations on Hypefury

Now, last but not the least, this is a special feature for Twitter users added by hypefury based on the demand and use of Gumroad here by creators – ‘The Gumroad Analytics’.

Gumroad is so much popular on Twitter by creators to sell their courses, notion templates, subscriptions, e-books, and many other resources for learning and growth, that it has been added as a small side section to view sales in the same place by just integrating your Gumroad account with Hypefury.

This section shows you analytics on the products you have uploaded for sale and how they are eventually performing regularly by attracting visitors and selling them free or paid.

This is why one of my reasons for Hypefury to be my favourite is because it gives you an entire package for your twitter journey and makes you a ‘Pro’.

Other Features of Hypefury Tool

Now, the features we have already discussed, which will mainly help you in automating your Twitter with Hypefury are:

  • Scheduling
  • Drafting or Queuing Tweets
  • Inspiration Panel
  • Recurrent Posts
  • Tweet Booster
  • Evergreen Posts
  • DM CRMs
  • Autoplugs and its metrics
  • Engagement Builder
  • Gumroad Integration

And the features that I haven’t mentioned about Hypefury in this article yet, are:

  • Time-Based Sales: To check analytics on the offers you have for a limited time.
  • Ghostwriting services: You can work as a ghostwriter too for other accounts and set your username for it in Settings. Also, you can approach people through this tool, to write the content on specific topics for you.
  • Advanced Settings: To manage your Hypefury experience and integrate with other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and you can also post on them with Hypefury. Though it is more centralized towards serving twitter, to what I can see.
  • My mentions: To engage with comments on your tweets or the one you’re tagged in by someone else.
  • Affiliate Program: To make some affiliate earnings by referring to the product if you find it helpful.
  • Auto-Retweeter: Helps to automatically retweet all posts of another account, most used for retweeting own brand accounts posts.
  • Archive Uploader: To upload the archived tweets from your tweet.js file mainly used to bulk post old content tweets.
  • Request Feedback: This is a really good feedback mechanism where you can give your feedback and vote for other feedback to be worked on immediately.
  • Support: Directly chat with support or you can also email them which they reply to asap. Cool? It is! 🙂


So this was a full guide on automating your Twitter with the Hypefury tool. We covered a lot of topics about automation, marketing, Twitter mechanism, scheduling, etc.

And this article not only helps you to automate your Twitter account, but also learn about what stuff you can control and automate on Twitter, and save your precious time building other projects or even digital products.

This article is not enough to talk all about Hypefury, and especially its other pros and cons, which we’ll discuss in other posts.

We will be talking more about Hypefury in its specific category of our Blog which you can check out here.

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